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Mint By Michelle

Mint - All In One Mineral Paint - Butter Icing

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Mint - All In One Mineral Paint - Butter Icing

It was a rare treat in my house to have home made cake or dessert but, on the odd occasion we did, I'd be asked to whip together the butter icing - with the manual egg beater! Oh, the joy of licking that beater afterwards - yum!

This creamy white is perfect for all of your more neutral pieces - modern and traditional alike. Also, a great base colour for our Mint decoupage papers.

 *colours may vary slightly depending on the calibration of your screen/device

Mint Mineral Paint is designed to give you a smooth Satin Finish without the fuss of priming & finishing.

It's as easy as Clean, Shake, Stir, Paint & Admire.

Australian Made & Manufactured.

Need to Know:

Size: 500ml

Coverage: Approximately 6.5sq

Drying Time: 1-2 Hours

Cleaning & Disposal: Clean with warm soapy water.

Apply: with Brush, Roller or Spray

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. For best results use within a year of purchase.

Finish: No Finish required, however for a high traffic piece of furniture or a gloss finish you may consider applying a lacquer/topcoat.

Aftercare: Clean with a soft cloth - Avoid use of harsh chemicals