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Mint By Michelle

Mint - All In One Mineral Paint - Retro Wallpaper

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Mint - All In One Mineral Paint - Retro Wallpaper

Remember when wallpaper lined every wall of the house - kitchen, lounge, bedrooms?
I do.
Holly Hobby wallpaper in my bedroom, and mustard toned geometrics through the kitchen... Gorgeous.
"Retro Wallpaper" is all of that in one beautiful mustardy paint and is suitable for all your modern, MCM or antique mustard yellow pieces - especially terrific with the dark and black waxes. 

** colours may vary slightly depending on the calibration of your screen/device

Mint Mineral Paint is designed to give you a smooth Satin Finish without the fuss of priming & finishing.

It's as easy as Clean, Shake, Stir, Paint & Admire.

Australian Made & Manufactured.

Need to Know:

Size: 500ml

Coverage: Approximately 6.5sq

Drying Time: 1-2 Hours

Cleaning & Disposal: Clean with warm soapy water.

Apply: with Brush, Roller or Spray

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. For best results use within a year of purchase.

Finish: No Finish required, however for a high traffic piece of furniture or a gloss finish you may consider applying a lacquer/topcoat.

Aftercare: Clean with a soft cloth - Avoid use of harsh chemicals