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Mint By Michelle

MINT By Michelle - Round Paint Brush

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Suitable for use with all types of paint. The Mint By Michelle fully synthetic round bristle brushes are made from the highest quality bristles and will last you forever!

Tried and tested for you over many months to ensure they're suitable for all of your painting needs, they are available in 3 sizes and are perfect for all your projects big and small. 

Size 8 - Small Round Brush

21cm L x 3.7cm W x 3.7cm diameter

Ideal for all those tight spaces and intricate detail including stenciling and creative finishes

Size 12 - Medium Round Brush

24cm L x 5cm W x 5cm diameter

The amazing everything brush! Entirely versatile and suitable for all your painting needs. If you have only one paintbrush, this is the brush to have!

Size 14 - Large Round Brush

25cm L x 5.5cm W x 5.75cm diameter

Super dooper coverage with this brush! Saves you time and energy by getting a lot of paint on in a little time.